Wokeism in our schools was the straw that broke the camel's back. After years of saying that the Ten Commandments and other religious texts have no place in our public schools - even if taught from a historical and educational perspective and not from a devotional perspective - we see the woke left gleefully exposing children to "grossly indecent" subject matter. The left repeatedly say that this is not happening in our schools, colleges, and universities; however, classroom lessons on gender identity, first-hand accounts from our children, and news reports, have all exposed the truth.

What do you believe?

Taking Ohio's schools to an extreme left has made Ohio's education system extraordinarily divisive. It is pitting Ohioans against Ohioans. Children in Ohio schools should be safe from the indoctrination of woke ideologies, and when an abuser and abuse is discovered, there should be a mechanism to readily remove that person from Ohio's school system. Ohio schools must not be allowed to be used as a means of instilling woke ideologies in our children.

The Conservatives in Action Caucus was formed to counter the Left’s attempts to manipulate Ohio's youngest minds; and to present a healthy pro-family, pro-American agenda for Ohio.

We've seen Ohio's medical community, schools, and LGBTQ+ community lobbyists and special interest take advantage of Ohio's moderate Republicans to side with Democrats and prevent sensible policies.

We are not Anti-gay or Anti-Transgendered