The Ohio Conservatives In Action Caucus (OHCIAC) is designed to facilitate conservative Ohio leaders working together on behalf of common goals. Participants may include Ohio Republican State Central Committee leaders, Ohio Republican County Central Committee leaders, Republican officeholders at all levels of government, Republican candidates for office, and Republican school board members.

Members of the OHCIAC are fighting for policies and laws that provide Ohioans with a maximum amount of freedom while maintaining the domestic tranquility. We fight for lower taxes, less spending, free-markets, the right-to-life, religious freedoms, the right-to-defend one's self, and an end to liberal leftist woke ideologies permeating Ohio's schools, colleges, and universities. Most of all we are fighting for a return to transparency, ethics, and moral virtue in the halls of government.

We want to make Ohio a better place to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. We believe the application of Biblical principles are an essential element of drafting and passing good legislation and policies; especially given that our state motto is “With God, all things are possible”.


It is the right of Ohio parents to know that "gross indecency" (legal terminology) is not allowed in Ohio Schools. Parents need to know that "woke" propaganda is not being used to manipulate their children's minds, so that their children can never find peace, happiness, or become well-adjusted adults. We, as a society, are allowed to set standards and rules. We do not have to accommodate every worldview or lifestyle. This belief that accomodations must be made for every imaginable lifestyle is, we believe, the impetus for moral decay.

Ending "Woke-ism"/Indoctrination in Schools

Restoring Biblical Principles to Government

No, we are not advocating for a Judeo-Christian theocracy or any extremist point of view. Like it or not, the Bible has laid out fundamental principles that have shaped our world. All around us, we can see how the condition of our fellow man improves when man's law aligns with God's word.

Many Ohioans would agree that we are no longer climbing out of the swamp and reaching for the stars - but we are sliding back into the swamp of moral decay for lack of virtue, morality, ethics, discipline, and a lack of self-control.

We are not here to foment hatred and division but to encourage cooperation, understanding, and solutions to our greatest challenges and promote love and brotherhood with our fellow man.

This culture war is being fought in our classrooms, colleges, and universities; and is leading us to a place of no return. In Ohio, this "woke" agenda has flourished, because leaders who DO NOT share our values, have been elected. From our classrooms, to our courts, to Child Protective Services, the "woke" mindset is now solidly dominant in almost all facets of government. We must take the Ohio Republican Party back and make a commitment to electing candidates who will protect the welfare of our children and not compromise on Biblical principles. Ohio has no future if we cannot take back our schools.

Ending Moral decay